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8 September

From The Great War 1914-1918

Great War events that took place on 8 September.

1914 (Tuesday)

Western Front  ▶  Battle of the Marne (continued). Germans forced back over the river. General Foch's decisive move.  ▶  Nancy vainly attacked. Troyon bombarded.
Eastern Front  ▶  Galicia: Fierce battle round Rava-Ruska.  ▶  Mikolajow (Carpathians) captured by Brusilov's army.
Naval and Overseas Operations HMS Oceanic is wrecked off the north coast of Scotland.
Political David Lloyd George: Speech on the need for economy.[a]

1915 (Wednesday)

Home Front  ▶  Zeppelin air raid on East Suffolk and London concludes. Civilian casualties: 18 killed (inc. 6 children) and 37 injured (inc. 13 children). Military casualties: 1 injured.  ▶  Another Zeppelin air raid on North Riding, Norfolk and London begins.


  1. "Silver Bullet" speech at Local Government Board to Deputation from the Association of Municipal Corporations. Points out necessity for curtailing expenditure and foretells heavy outgoings.
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