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7 December

From The Great War 1914-1918

Great War events that took place on 7 December.

1914 (Monday)

Western Front  ▶  Vain German efforts to cross the Yser near Pervyse.  ▶  Indian Expeditionary Force completed by arrival of Sirhind Brigade from Egypt.
Eastern Front  ▶  Battle for Warsaw begun by the Germans.  ▶  Russian attacks in East Prussia.  ▶  Galicia: Northern sector of the forts of Cracow bombarded by the Russians.
Asiatic and Egyptian Theatres  ▶  Mesopotamia: British success at Mezera.  ▶  Turks driven back south of Batoum (Transcaucasia).
Naval and Overseas Operations South Africa: Rebel General Beyers defeated at Bothaville and drowned on his flight in the Vaal River.
Political French Bourse re-opens.
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