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17 February

From The Great War 1914-1918

Great War events that took place on 17 February.

1915 (Wednesday)

Western Front  ▶  Small French advances near Roclincourt (north of Arras), near Perthes, and north-west of Verdun.  ▶  Two Zeppelins wrecked off north-west Denmark: L-3 is stranded and destroyed off Fanö, and L-4 is destroyed near Blaavands Huk.
Eastern Front  ▶  Russians defeated on line Plotsk-Ratsionj (north-west Poland).  ▶  Great battle near Nadworna and Kolomea.  ▶  Czernowitz (Bukovina) is retaken by Austrian forces (see 28 October 1914, and 17 June 1916).
Naval and Overseas Operations Baltic: Memel reoccupied by German forces (see 11 November 1914, and 18 March 1915).
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