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From The Great War 1914-1918
Belgian soldiers and artillery in the Place d'Armes, Ghent, following the retreat from Termonde, on 9 September 1914
Belgian troops during the Battle of Hofstade in 1914
Two British soldiers take cover behind a hedge in Belgium on 13 October 1914


The following timeline provides a simple chronological listing of events relating to Belgium.


1 August Decides to defend neutrality.
2 August Receives German ultimatum.
3 August Appeals to Great Britain for aid.
4 August Invaded by Germany.
8 August Main army falls back towards the River Dyle.
9 August Receives offer of German peace.
12 August Declines offer of German peace.
17 August Government moves to Antwerp.
7 October Government moves to Ostend.
13 October Government moves to Havre.


12 May Report of Lord Bryce's Committee on German atrocities in Belgium is issued.
5 August Strike action takes place on coastal district.
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