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Redoubt C

From The Great War 1914-1918
File:Redoubt C.jpg
Remains of Redoubt C.

Redoubt C as it was known was built after the Krithia battles of May and early June 1915 on the Gallipoli peninsula. It was the allied front line at that time. It was constantly manned, the Turkish lines being just a few metres beyond. On exiting the last bend of the Zig Zag, the gully is partially blocked by an impressive barrier ahead. Water outflow has smoothed the gully walls on either side, and over the years, visitors and erosion have broken down the centre of the obstacle, but the redoubt is still an impressive sight.

It is worth pausing at Redoubt C and reflecting for a moment on the kind of life led by the troops who guarded this point, constantly on the watch for enemy movement, at risk from snipers and hand bombs, and carrying responsibility as the first line of defence for the swarming gully behind them.

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  • Information: Andy Crooks, 2008.
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