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30 June

From The Great War 1914-1918


Events preceding British Declaration of War

Western Front

Eastern Front

  • 1915 – Germans cross Gnila Lipa line. Austro-German advance from Tomashov. Germans claim 150,650 prisoners in June.
  • 1917 – Heavy artillery action in Galicia.
  • 1918 – Murman Council decides to support Entente against Bolsheviks.

Southern Front

  • 1915 – Dardanelles: French take six lines of Turkish trenches. General Gouraud wounded, succeeded by General Bailloud.
  • 1918 – Italians capture Monte di Val Bello and Col del Rosso (Asiago). 2,000 prisoners.


  • 1915 – Welsh miners' dispute settled. Changes in Russian Cabinet.[1]
  • 1917 – Greece breaks off relations with Germany and Austria-Hungary.
  • 1917 – Soviet delegates leave Russia for Socialist conferences in Stockholm, England, France and Italy.

Naval and Overseas Operations

  • 1916 – Baltic: Indecisive small British naval action.
  • 1917 – German forces driven from Nyasaland to the Rovuma border by British and Portuguese.


Lord Edward Gleichen (1918–1920). Chronology of the War. Volumes I, II & III. Constable & Company, London. (Copyright expired)

  1. The Russian Ministry included M. Khvostov as Minister of Justice, M. Samarin as Procurator of the Holy Synod, and M. Krivoshein.
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