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11 July

From The Great War 1914-1918




  • Template:WF - Contalmaison won and held against counter-attacks; British also take parts of Mametz and Trones Woods. Total prisoners in 10 days fighting 7,500, and 26 field guns.
    •  At Verdun Germans gain footing in Damloup battery and east of Firmin and Chenois Woods.
  • Template:EF - Germans receive reinforcements and heavy artillery to defend passage of the Stokhod.
  • Template:AE - Russians begin a fresh offensive in Armenia. General Maude succeeds General Gorringe in command of Tigris column.
  • Template:NO - A German submarine shells Seaham Harbour. One man killed. Three armed trawlers sunk off Scottish coasts, in action with German submarines.


  • Template:WF - Great aerial activity on British front.
  • Template:EF - Capture of Kalusz (western Stanislau, Galicia) by Russians.
  • Template:SF - Statistics of health of British army at Salonika published.
  • Template:AE - British column from Feluja (Euphrates) engages Turkish force up the river and inflicts considerable loss. Despatch on operations in Mesopotamia published.[1]
  • Template:NO - Report of British operations in East Africa published.[2]
  • Template:PO - Announcement of judicial enquiry into the conduct of all persons affected by Mesopotamia Reported.
    •  Prussian Reform: Kaiser promises an equal franchise in the next elections to the Prussian Diet.
    •  Sinn Fein candidate defeats Nationalist in East Clare election.


  • Template:WF - Successful Australian raid near Merris (north of River Lys). 74 British air-raids in Germany during June announced.
  • Template:NO - U.S. supply ship Westover torpedoed and sunk in European waters, 10 lost.
  • Template:PO - Count Hertling in Committee of Reichstag on foreign policy; to be unchanged.[3]
    •  British Government announces stricter treatment of enemy aliens to be adopted.


Lord Edward Gleichen (1918–1920). Chronology of the War. Volumes I, II & III. Constable & Company, London. (Copyright expired)

  1. The operations leading up to the capture of Baghdad are described by Lt-General Sir Stanley Maude. The record begins on 28 August, 1916, and closes on 31 March, 1917. This first half period was occupied in preparation, the second in heavy fighting fount Kut and Sanna-i-Yat, the passage of the Tigris and the advance on Baghdad.
  2. A converging movement of British columns compelled the German forces on the coast hills south and west of Kilwa to fall back. German detachments further inland between Lake Nyassa and the sea were being pressed from the north-west and south to Mahenge.
  3. Speech of Count Hurtling re Foreign Policy: Resignation of von Kühlmann denotes no change in policy. Germany ready to consider honourable peace. Treaty of Brest-Litovsk to be maintained. Murder of Count Marbach probably instigated by Allies. Kühlmann's retirement due to lack of confidence between him and others. Admiral Hintze to carry out Hertling's policy.
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