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Royal Artillery

From The Great War 1914-1918

Royal Artillery: A famous regiment in the British Army, known as the Royal Regiment of Artillery. It is the largest single regiment of the British Army, costing in time of peace the sum of £1,129,000 for equipment and maintenance. It is divided into Royal Horse Artillery, headquarters Woolwich, with 26 batteries; Royal Field Artillery, headquarters Woolwich, with 147 batteries and 6 depots; and the Royal Garrison Artillery consisting of 9 batteries of the mountain division, all stationed in India; and 87 companies, 12 heavy batteries and 4 depots, stationed in all parts of the British Empire.

There is also a special reserve of the Royal Garrison Artillery and Territorial Artillery made up of various units. In the Royal Horse Artillery every man is mounted. The Royal Garrison Artillery possess what is believed to be the most powerful guns in the world, including heavy guns of 120 tons, firing a projectile 16 inches in diameter. The 12-inch gun, however, is that generally relied upon.[1]

References / notes

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