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Column of Route

From The Great War 1914-1918

Column of Route: The formation adopted when troops are on the march. Infantry usually march four men abreast, and proceed at the rate of 100 yards per minute. Cavalry proceed in half-sections, two horses abreast. The average rate of marching for a large body of troops composed of all arms is 2½ miles per hour including short halts. Rates of movements for small bodies of troops in the field are approximately as follows: [1]

Arm Yards per minute Miles per hour inc. short halts
Infantry 100 3
Mounted troops
   Trot 235 7
   Gallop 440
   Trot and walk 5

References / notes

  1. Various contributors (1914). The War Book-of-Facts. 2nd Edition. A.W. Shaw Company, London p.139.
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