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30 April

From The Great War 1914-1918


1915 (Friday)

  • Second Battle of Ypres: Attempted German advance from St. Julien repulsed.
  • Zeppelin raid on East Anglia.
  • German forces reach the railway stations of the Muravievo and Radziviliski (Province of Kovno, Baltic Provinces).
  • Australian submarine AE2 sunk by Turkish warship in the Sea of Marmora.
  • German warning in USA newspapers re: sailing in RMS Lusitania.




Various material contemporary with the war have been used to compile The Great War:On This Day and associated index. Data has been gleaned from two main sources: Chronology of the War (1918-1920), and History of the Great War – Principal Events 1914-1918 (1922). The information in these works were deemed correct at the time of their respective publication dates, and may not accurately represent present-day histories, spelling of place names, political, and geographical boundaries. Click here for a full list of sources.

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