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13 July

From The Great War 1914-1918



Events preceding British Declaration of War


  • Template:WF - New German offensive in Argonne. They capture French line at Vienne-le-Chateau and the height of La Fille Morte.
  • Template:EF - Austrian advance across Dniester in Bukovina; German attack on Narev.
  • Template:SF - French advance to the Kereves Dere stream (Gallipoli).
  • Template:AE - Death of Sultan of Lahej from wound received during Turkish attack.
  • Template:PO - £570,000,000 (besides £15,000,000 through the Post Office) subscribed to War Loan. Strikes proclaimed an offence.


  • Template:WF - German raids west of Wytschaete and south of La Bassée Canal repulsed. Somme, British capture German howitzers and munitions. French make successful raid in Champagne.
  • Template:EF - Sharp fighting in Austrian centre, north-west of Buczacz, on the Strypa. No decisive results on the Stokhod.
  • Template:NO - German submarine sinks two trawlers and two fishing boats off Whitby.
  • Template:PO - Allied Conference on munition output held in London. Bank Holiday suspended. Bank Rate 6%.


  • Template:EF - Further Russian progress around Kalusz (Galicia); 1,600 prisoners.[2]
  • Template:PO - Deputation on London Air Defences received by Prime Minister.


  • Template:SF - French General Gramat appointed Chief of Staff to Greek Army.
  • Template:AE - Turks attack British positions on Jordan and on Abu Tellul ridges (seven miles north of Jericho).
  • Template:PO - Haiti declares war on Germany.


Lord Edward Gleichen (1918–1920). Chronology of the War. Volumes I, II & III. Constable & Company, London. (Copyright expired)

  1. This was Charles Humbert's indictment of Army Administration in the Senate; debate continued the following day revealing serious deficiency in guns, matériel, etc.. Army Committee formed to report in October.
  2. Since 1 July, 834 officers and 35,809 men have surrendered to the Russians.
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