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From The Great War 1914-1918

The Niemen is a river in central Belarus that flows through Lithuania, then forms the northern border of Russia's western enclave, Kaliningrad Oblast, before draining into the Curonian Lagoon, and eventually the Baltic Sea.

Niemen is the Polish spelling. It is also known as: Neman (in English), Nioman (in Belarusian), and Nemunas (in Lithuanian).


The following timeline provides a simple chronological listing of events relating to Niemen.


15 September Russians driven to.
26 September Vain German efforts to cross; continues until 28 Sep.
29 September Germans retire from.


24 February Crossed by the Germans.
1, 10, 27 and 28 March Russians repulse German attacks.
22 August Russian positions are abandoned.
3 October Germans thrown back over, near Novo Grodek.
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